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Project Features




1) NordicDigital Health Evaluation Criteria (NordDEC)

The framework outlines a common set of criteria for what standards are needed to provide safety and effectiveness assurance in digital health. This will help guide innovators as they build their solution, using quality as a differentiator. It also provides healthcare organisations with a clear framework for identifying safe and effective digital health.  It includes: 

  • 500+ measures across 5 domain areas: data privacy, clinical/professional assurance, usability & accessibility, security & technical stability, and interoperability.
  • A requirement that developers provide clear and tangible evidence of meeting the criteria.  
  • Each digital health technology assessment calculates an overall score, weighted across the domains.


2) Nordic Digital Health Distribution

Once products are evaluated they will be included within a database or formulary of digital health that has been assessed against the NordDEC, which can then be accessed by health and care systems across the Nordics. This encompasses: 

  • A dedicated website, where accredited apps can be found. 
  • The ability to search by health condition or technology’s name.
  • A way to find all digital health technologies that have been assessed, accessing their NordDEC assessment results.




3) Nordic Digital Health Activation

The NordDEC assessment and dedicated distribution website establishes a system from which health and care systems can establish safe activation models.