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The Nordic region aims to be the most sustainable and integrated health region in the world by 2030. A shift towards digital health, and the more preventive care it offers, will be an important step on this journey, but it also brings new risks. 

Today, there are more than 350,000 digital health technologies available. With no regulation or risk management system, medical professionals are unable to find and prescribe digital technologies safely. 

To activate the true power digital health technologies offer and revolutionise how we treat patients, The Nordic Digital Health & Medication Platform project aims to establish a system for healthcare providers to evaluate and identify trusted digital health technologies within healthcare and preventive care. It also aims to provide product developers and owners with clear visibility on what good looks like in order to inform product development, market access strategies and commercial positioning.

Drawing from international best practice, it establishes a common benchmark of criteria across the region, offering the ability to simply layer-on local requirements, while using size and scale to attract inward investment into the Nordic nations.

The project is run by N!P, jointly funded by Nordic Innovation and Nordic healthtech industry and powered by ORCHA.


Patient Safety

Without regulation on app stores, we know from other regions, 80% of apps do not meet minimum quality standards. Assessing apps against a clear requirement will give confidence that only safe apps are recommended to patients.


A shared standard across Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, enables apps to immediately meet compliance across a larger market; a region rather than a single country and enable data collection which can then be drawn upon to guide early intervention and prevention strategies . It also importantly enables patients and professionals to share in consistency of experience.

Industry growth

The Nordics is home to a growing health tech industry.  This programme provides suppliers with  an attractive platform to reach the whole of the Nordics healthcare system, breaking down current barriers to market access.  Featuring many international standards, it also gives suppliers a good springboard to easily meet the requirements to enter other geographies, such as the UK, Netherlands, Canada and the US.


Learn more about the NordDEC by listening to our webinar recording. During this webinar, experts discuss digital transformation in healthcare, the importance of preventive care and how, with the NordDEC, the Nordics are establishing a system for healthcare providers to evaluate and identify trusted digital health technologies within healthcare and preventive care. Hear from experts including:

  • Jonas Wendel, Chief of Staff, Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Päivi Sillanaukee, Ambassador for Health and Well-being, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • Anders Tunold-Hanssen, CEO, Nordic Interoperability Project (N!P)
  • Silla Jòndòttir, CEO, Retinarisk
  • Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO, The Organization For The Review Of Care And Health Apps

Watch the webinar recording by clicking here.